CJ Green is a rapper that might just make it. The 21-year-old artist has the right amount of components that make him stand out in the city crowded with aspiring hip-hop acts. All of these components were on display the night of May 11 at the Union in East Atlanta Village.

The first component of Green's career making it past others is that he has a tight team. His manager Archie Taba was Green's No. 1 hype man and was the host the entire night, singing his heart out to whatever song the venue's DJ was playing before Green's performance. Green's main producer dfreshbeatz stood on the side of the stage the entire night, vibing to his own product during the approximate 20-minute set. In general, Green had a great support system, as the stage area at Union EAV was mostly full.

Green started the show with his 2016 single "Goals," the motivational track with a catchy hook. Over the course of the next few songs, Green told the story of his life as an artist trying to make it, partying and becoming a young father. For a couple of songs, Green invited spectators to jump on stage with him during the songs with the most energy. He also engaged with the crowd by walking amongst the masses during one song, accompanied by the adlibs of his hype man, Taba.

The last component that makes Green stand out is the diversity he brings out at his shows.  The White rapper's spectators were all together throughout the night of all races and ages, mingling with one another. An artist that can reach different walks of life always has the edge over other competition.

"It was really great to have everyone bring all their positive energies into one building and create a really dope atmosphere," Green said after his performance. "That was awesome."

In the city where it takes more than special to stand out, CJ just might be in the next wave of Atlanta artists that make it.